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10 Baby things we couldn’t live with out…the first three months (part 2)

So to continue the post on the 10 Baby things we couldn’t live without the first few months here are the remaining 5.

Dorel Juvenile Safety First Sleepy Baby Nail Clipper

Get the nail clipper with the light! It works in daytime too. That little light lets you see under the nail to make sure you’re not getting any skin! Enough said! I love it.

Footed Sleepers with side snap undershirts

You need a ton of these. They are easy to put on, easy to change, easy to change with your eyes half closed and zero sleep. The side snap shirt is easy to use, good for the umbilical cord (in my opinion) and you don’t’ have to try to get anything over baby’s head. I even bought side snappers in 6 months because I like how easy they are for night or play, or really under anything, and they are cute with a cloth diaper

Camera [Nikon P100]

I love my camera. Having a background in design I wanted a nice camera that I could use and DH could use. It takes amazing photos. It can be set to auto for DH and I can use it in manual if I find the time to take nice photos. (Though I’ll admit, I mainly use it on auto as well). It also has a video option, and hooks up to the TV for viewing. It made it easy with visitors to just plug it in and have everyone look at the photos at the same time. Basically, you just need a camera, even a phone would do. But you’ll want to catch those first moments and remember them!

JJ Cole Bundle Me

I had a winter baby. It was nice to put him in his clothes, and put him the car seat. I didn’t have to mess around with sleeves and layers. I put him in a long sleeve under shirt, fleece clothes, a hat, and the bundle me. I could then, just flip up the front for the two seconds it took to walk into the store/doctors’ office.

Prince Lionheart Premium Wipes Warmer & Warmies

This was one of those things I swore I’d never own. So silly. However, it proved to be a life saver. Lil’ man needed his diaper changed all the time and a cold wipe would wake him up with a jolt.He’d be wide awake for at least an hour. A warm wipe, on the other hand, would kind of make him squirm, a new diaper would go on, and he’d go right back to sleep. Get the wipe warmer. We started with disposable wipes, but have now switched to cloth wipes. We use a mixture of the Prince Lionheart bamboo warmies and Thirsties reusable wipes. We use less of the reusable wipes in one change than the two or 3 we were using with disposables. We just wash them with our diapers

So those are the ten things I think everyone should have to start with! Hope this helps in your registry decisions!