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Awesome giveaway and cool book to check out!

Want to win a complete @Rumparooz #clothdiaper kit? Enter to win at #clothdiapers” –

Sumnmer Fluffin’ Cloth Diaper Blog Event

formula mom  Just in case you haven’t heard June 1 – 14, 2001 – Great chance to win some extra diapers and accessories for you stash from FormulaMom, Tales from the Nursery and Mama on a Green Mission! Always a wonderful way to try diapers that you just aren’t sure enough to buy! Can’t hurt to win something from their amazing sponsors! Click on the graphic above for more information on how to enter! They have early entries too!

They will also discuss topics including travel, fitteds and covers, pockets, all-in-ones, and more!


Hello World!

Hello world, and probably very, very, few readers… ok, hi MOM!

I hope to accomplish a few things with this blog:

  1. Keep my family (Hi family!) who are all over the world updated on our happenings.
  2. Share my experiences with baby things, being a new mom, cloth diapers vs not, sleep habits of my baby vs not (haha), toys, etc. because I had a lot of questions when I was choosing what to do, and the things I do use are all highly recommended from friends.
  3. I intend to review things I try and love, and do not like as well, in hopes of helping others make informed decisions while buying things.
  4. Basically this is a way for me to keep up my chatter! I love to talk. They called me motor mouth when I was a kid for good reason! I’ll strike up a conversation with just about anyone!

So that’s it! Welcome to my new blog! New post soon! I’ll be reviewing FuzziBunz perfect size cloth diapers.