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Yard work….


It’s Saturday, and 95 degrees out. Rather than going to the pool, or park, or something away from home, we are getting things done. We’re doing yard work!

A few months ago, before the ‘monsoon season’ we had here in the midwest, we ripped out all of our front yard ”landscaping”. The people we purchased the house from hadn’t done anything with it for over 15 years from what we could tell. The bushes had grown over the windows, there were random sink holes, and mulch, covered with rocks, covered with more mulch. It was a disaster.

Feeling motivated to have our yard look as nice as our neighbors’ yards do, we made a plan. Then it rained for roughly 2 months and nothing got done. We now have empty dirt beds and weeds. So today we’re on a mission to make it look somewhat better.

We’re new to this, and basically live on the DIY channel.

Ahmed, we need to find you! Come to our HomeDepot! (Just send us a sneaky message letting us know you’ll be there, we’ll keep it a secret, promise!) We LOVE Yard Crashers, and Desperate Landscapes. Our’s is pretty desperate.

While we head back to work in the heat, we want to know: What yard projects are you doing? Do you have any suggestions for plants for a front yard?

We have a beautiful Magnolia tree to work around!


Gardening 101 – How to…or wait you tell me!

I hate dirt. I’ve always HATED dirt. For as many summers as I can remember my mother would beg me to help her outside. She wanted me to plant flowers, vegetables for the summers we had a food garden, basically she wanted to teach me how to grow things: I’d refuse. I would have rather done anything than ‘play’ in the dirt.

Since buying our first home, and having a baby, I now respect my mom’s beautiful garden beds and the hard work she put in outside over the years. I never thought I’d care about being outside and making things grow. I was determined to be a city, concrete loving girl forever. However, now that I have my son, I find I’m slightly more inclined to give growing things a try (and make an attempt to please my neighbors with a nice looking yard). Perhaps my mom did rub off on me!

I want the lil’ guy to see how things grow, appreciate what it takes to put food on the table. I want him to know that getting dirty is ok, and then you can take a bath and be clean, only to get dirty all over again! I want him to see nature, know animals (my son loooves to follow our backyard chipmunk and crazy squirrels, he looks at it with awe in his eyes “whats that lil’ thing running around mommy” style!), and then hopefully one day teach his kids (though this is waaaay down the road of course!) how to take care of a yard, how to grow things.

Even though I still don’t like to get dirty, I am planting my first ‘garden’ this summer. So far it’s going ok. I started my seedlings indoors, and I bought bags of Scotts Miracle-Gro Organic soil, some MOOnure organic comport with manure, and called my mom for directions. She told me to mix it together, by hand (which I did, with gloves of course), and to put it in my new cedar planter that my super handy husband built for me.

I decided to start small. I’m growing 2 tomato plants (in large pots), 2 cucumber plants (also in large pots), some green beans, a whole handful of herbs (basil, oregano, cilantro, parsley, chives and sage), bell peppers, finally for good measure and fun, baby carrots (which hopefully I can cook and mash-up for the lil’ guy). We’ve also planted four types of small hot peppers ‘for color.’ (I’m really getting into this!). So let’s see how the summer goes and what actually ends up producing vegetables for us to eat!

Do you have any growing suggestions, tips for keeping these lil’ plants going and producing throughout the summer months!

What kind of outdoor garden stuff do you do with your kids? Do they like to play in the dirt? Do they have their own garden tools? A sandbox?

Let me know in the comments section! I could certainly use suggestions in the garden department*


*it should be noted; every plant I’ve ever owned has died, or almost died.  I’ve desperately tried to grow them, but they never last more than a year. Usually right before they are dead I give them to my mom to ‘bring them back to life’! She then gives them back to me and the whole cycle starts again! So fingers crossed, let’s see how this goes!