and….I’m back! Sorry for being MIA for 12 days…

Having taken a little over a week off due to lil’ man being in the hospital (he’s ok now, and back to his usual perky self, thank goodness), I’ve returned, but I’m a bit behind. I’m working on some exciting posts as you read this, and hope to begin posting by Friday this week. Sorry for being MIA with no notice! 

Lil’ man was running an unexplained fever for 3 days and it kept spiking ,and then going down, then spiking. After a round of antibiotics he’s all better. We go for a few more tests to see what made him sick next week, but he’ll be just fine and it probably was a fluke UTI since his preliminary tests came back good. It’s never fun having a sick lil’ one. It breaks my heart to see him in the tiny hospital gown.

 Please check back Friday AM for the rest of 10 Things we loved, and a garden update!

Also check out the new links to the right and left. I’ve added the Diaper Finder button from Dirty Diaper Laundry. A great resource to help you choose your cloth diapers, as well as a few more links to blogs and events going on!

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